Tildebot is currently offline.

We are hard at work at remaking and recoding Tildebot, and we will be back soon!

Secure your Discord server with Tildebot

Some features…

Report System

You and the members in your server will be able to easily report rule breakers, trolls, raiders, and other generally disruptive users.

Global Blacklist

We maintain a global blacklist of known disruptive users. This list is maintained from the report system and from other sources.

Server Security

We will offer even more security functions in the future, such as a verification system, blocking discord nuke bots, and more.

What is Tildebot?

Tildebot is a Discord security, antiraid, and verification (soon) bot. It constantly scans your server for disruptive rule breakers, raiders, trollers, and always blocks them from joining. You can get people banned from all servers with Tildebot by reporting them through our report system.

Add to server

Add Tildebot to your server and experience the new age of Discord Server Security.

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